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Hi , welcome to my blog, I was thinking about the many times that I got the same thing happen on a session , so I decided to elaborate on that , many times in past recording sessions I had singers come to the studio and start singing and we end up going through the song so many times and I am not talking about the many times that singers are expected to sing in order to have several takes and select the best parts, I’m talking just warming up, many of my singer clients sometimes ask me if I have water or tea with honey or tea and lemon and honey other even ask me for throat coat (a tea good for vocal chords) that problem can be very easily solved with warming up your vocal chords for 30 minutes before the session, usually singers end up getting the best takes after the vocal chords are warm, but when you are paying by the hour … your pocket suffers, so remember, 30 minutes to one hour before the recording session do warm up your vocal chords.



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