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BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL IS A professional recording studio  in the city of Johns Creek Georgia.

BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL it isn’t a big recording studio with several rooms and it isn’t a bedroom studio either, It is a medium size professional recording studio where you get the best of both worlds, what you get is:  great rates, quality equipment, know how and personalized service. The result, total satisfaction.
David’s ears creativity musicianship and experience is what makes you realize that recording in bigsound PRODUCTIONS ATL you get more than just a person pressing the record button.

David’s musical journey begins at 16 when he traveled to Peru where his father worked for a multinational company. It is there where in 1968 he joined the psychedelic legendary rock band “Laghonia”. 

LAGHONIA is considered by most music experts as one of the best Psychedelic rock band to emerge from South America, reason why Laghonia was mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine among the top Rock bands to emerge from that part of the continent. In Feb 2005 Eclipse magazine (Germany’s version of Rolling Stone magazine) interviewed David Levene after their re – release of a CD & vinyl versions of their albums on the German label “World in sound”. Laghonia’s music is still being played on commercials in England also several rock cover bands bands in Germany and other countries cover their music too. 
After 2 records and touring to support the albums, a young David Levene left the group to return to the US, he spent some time in Florida where he studied recording technology under Dennis Hetzendorfer in the legendary Criteria recording studio,
several years later he moved to LA to pursue his musical career and gain more experience as a session player/producer, besides the obvious, it’s worth mentioning that creativity is where he really shines, David once said “I let the song tell me what to play” each solo has his own signature, and that is what makes him a great guitar player. In 1996 David left the LA scene settling in Atlanta where he now is the owner of Big Sound Productions ATL.
In 2019 he was the recipient of an award for his music and production work.

Why should you work with David Levene?
Because he gets the job done.

If you have a project please call me to talk about it, let me help you.

  • Fender
  • Sony
  • Mackie
  • Gibson
  • Sennheiser
  • Apple
  • WGS