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BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL is a professional recording studio  of the first order in the city of Johns Creek Georgia.

BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL it isn’t a big recording studio with several rooms and it isn’t a bedroom studio either, It is a medium size professional recording studio where you get the best of both worlds, what you get is:  great rates, quality equipment, know how and personalized service. The result, total satisfaction.

David’s ears creativity musicianship and know how is what makes you realize that recording in BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL you get more than just a person pressing the record button.

Over 25 year music industry veteran, guitar prodigy, session player, mentor award-winning performer and producer, David Levene wears many hats. David’s journey begins when he traveled to “Peru” with his family where his father was hired to work for a multinational company. It is there were he joined the psychedelic legendary rock quintet “Laghonia” formerly New Juggler Sound. Forging a very original and unique brand of rock. They become immediate crowd-pleasers and an almost overnight success. Laghonia released two albums, Glue and Etcetera.

LAGHONIA is considered by many experts as the best Classic rock band to emerge from that part of the continent.

A young and energized David Levene eventually moved to LA. Prolific session work followed and his eclectic background gave him a singular versatility, able to competently execute Rock, Blues, and Latin influenced styles with equal aplomb.

David left the LA scene  settling in Atlanta where he set up shop as a producer and recording studio owner.

After his sons were born, Dave decided to produce a CD for children that had all the different styles of music that influenced him (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, etc) .
Several years later Bigsound Productions ATL  has much better quality to share with you ,

Why should you work with David Levene?
David Is a very creative recording engineer /producer and plays several instruments, he has been mentioned in Rolling stone magazine, Eclipse magazine out of Germany, The BBC etc.  It’s a win win situation.
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If you have a project please call me to talk about it, let me help you.

  • Sony
  • Fender
  • Mackie
  • Gibson
  • Sennheiser
  • Apple
  • WGS