Atlanta’s top full service recording studio. GET UP, CREATE, RECORD, FULLFILL YOUR DREAMS...


BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL  has the bells and whistles without the big price!

Dave Levene has worked for several professional recording studios and record companies
and brings his expertise to BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL

Whether you are looking to cut a demo cd or to produce a full CD recording,
BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL will get the job done.

Demo package

Consultation of material, in order to select your best songs to pitch to the music industry.

Musicians referral. BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL has a list of session musicians, David included.


David will assist you in the arrangements of your songs if requested.

BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL helps the artists whose talents exceed their wallet.

If you are a singer and songwriter BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL can build you a track that will compete with anyone.


Album and professional  demo recording

Format transfers

Vinyls, cassette & reel transfers.

Jingle & soundtrack production and recording

Talent casting, Voice overs, narration and character.

Original song writing, production, arrangements,  recording.


Bring your Karaoke discs or background music and sing your heart out and get a CD that you can share with your friends and family.

And If you don’t have a certain song  BIGSOUND PRODUCTIONS ATL has a large selection of tunes for you to choose.

bigsound productions atl uses the finest equipment to ensure you get the best recording possible.

"Dave has this medium size studio with a very BIG sound! The great thing about Dave is the fact that he is a gifted musician with golden ears and knows hot to get the best sound and he has the tools to do It with. Also the studio has a very stress free environment; It almost feels like you are recording in your own house. Give Dave a call." -- Ramon Stagnaro
  • Fender
  • Sony
  • Mackie
  • Gibson
  • Sennheiser
  • Apple
  • WGS