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New Monitors


My monitor speakers were getting old and I needed to  get more accurate speaker monitors, I spent weeks shopping, reading reviews on the best studio monitors I was ready to purchase I had to decide between a pair of Genelec (8 inch),  Focal, and A pair of 8 inch Event (the opal series) and then I went to this recording studio and I heard a pair of KS studio  Monitors, not to be confused with Kurzweil.

After I heard them over and over all bets were off, these are the most transparent  studio monitors that I have ever heard,  later on I found out that they are made in Germany , you can’t find them at the regular Pro audio store but I had to have them so I when ahead and ordered a pair I must admit  that they are pricey but my mixes are going to sound awesome, I now can notice things that i wasn’t able to hear before, sounds that got buried in the mix, I’m a happy camper.

Also I  upgraded my patch bay I  got two Redco TT 96 patch bays with DB25 connectors and also got an SPL Monitor talkback controller, couldn’t be happier.


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