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I am very excited with my new upgraded recording studio. My old studio was PC based. I had Cubase 6 and the IO was RME fireface 800, a nice control room and a nice recording room. My flagship microphone was a Rode Classic mic and a Vintage Sony C37P. I had EV microphones for the drum kit. Senheizer microphones, AKG, Shure etc…

Then I had the good fortune to land a couple of big production projects and decided that this was my chance to upgrade the studio. With my old studio I could only record 8 tracks at once so I had to change that also many times. I had clients that requested specifically Pro tools and my main software was Cubase. After giving It a lot of thought I decided to first replace my PC for an 8 processor Apple Mac pro computer with a retina cinema 27 inch Monitor. Then I also purchased pro tools 10, I had to make up my mind on what IO I wanted so I decided to get an Apogee Symphony 64, which Is as good as HD. (My opinion? I think it’s better, It’s warmer) I got 2, 8 channel ones (a total of 16) so I can now record 16 tracks at once)and I have 250 virtual tracks.

Next I wanted to improve my microphone arsenal so I purchased a MIKTEK tube microphone CV4 model (made in Nashville) and 2 MIKTEK matched pair C5’s (for overheads) Then I decided that I needed a super mic to record guitars and the answer was a Royer 121 ribbon mic. I also got a Neumann TLM 103, added more mic pre amps and got a Universal Audio 4 710D (4 mic pre in one and each has a compressor and It can be tube or fet, you can dial more of the tube or more of the fet) so the studio has 4 NPNG mic pre’s 4 UA mic pre and 1 UA LA 610 , and I had everything hardwired to a patch bay. My mixing board is an Onyx 1640 and I use the same Tanoys PBM 6.5, Update, on my next post I talk about my new monitors, they are outstanding!

So finally after all this work everything is finished and the brand new studio is ready! And we are ready to deliver incredible quality for a very modest price.

I’m a musician and I have been around the block enough and not only can I make your
recordings sound great but I can also offer my expertise in music.. from HIP HOP to
Rock to Country R&B etc….


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