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Rappers rappers rappers.....



Hi bloggers, the holidays are gone so now it’s time to first,  loose the weight (turkey, stuffing, rum cake, fruit cake, eggnog etc….. and put the pedal to the metal to make this year be a very productive year.

I stumbled with something very curious and it is a concept that is wrong and knowing me I can’t be PC or give in to ignorance, my problem is that now the RAPPERS call a small sound bite that has a BASS, KEYS, DRUMS…etc… a beat…. no!!!!!!! a beat are ONLY percussive instruments like for example drums playing a beat and not the rest of the instruments, when all the instruments are being played it’s called an instrumental piece, but not a beat for example I get a loop of a drummer playing funk I call It a funk beat because It’s a beat.
After all being said I still love all my clients and will help them so that their music sounds the best it can sound.

UPDATE  RAPPERS RAPPERS RAPPERS, I WAS WRONG, YES I WAS, WHY? BECAUSE IN RAP TERMINOLOGY A BEAT IS A LOOP  one can select a couple of bars of (for example) an instrumental song,  and make it into a loop, that is what a beat is, in the past rap didn’t exist therefore neither did the term. So there.


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